Launching a new business can become a breathtaking journey for entrepreneurs if performed thoughtfully, or equally can turn into a devastating headache.


According to recent research by the Small Business Association, one-third of start-ups fail within their first two years of existence. This means, only the other 66 per cent of them are able to win a business race, or, at least, can avoid being ruined.

Before running their own beneficial IT project, entrepreneurs should take care of determining the positive trends in the market and examine what they are getting into.

Speaking about the most profitable business areas in 2017, business owners should pay attention to the igaming industry which has come a long way in the past five years.

In 2012, the real-money betting and gaming sector was estimated to be worth $417bn, with igaming comprising eight per cent ($33.8bn) of the total net revenue. However, this amount is set to nearly double by the turn of the next decade ($59.79bn).

In its turn, igaming has its own fast-growing trend: mobile gambling. This will remain the most significant growth area in the industry in the coming years. The mobile-savvy generation of gamblers want their casino buzz wherever they are, and mobile devices are the best way to get this wish satisfied.

However, a successful igaming business requires much more than good mobile casino app. The essential and integral components of an igaming project are:

• Secure software • Trusted license • Payment systems • Games providers • Affiliate marketing • Friendly web interface

Obtaining all the qualities listed above may seem complicated unless a tailored solution takes place. White label casino can soon become a desirable solution with which to handle a project from scratch.

A great example is White Label Casino or White Label Sportsbook from BOSS. Gaming studio. This is ready to go – a fully tested solution that allows entrepreneurs to save time and funds by acquiring the complete online gaming infrastructure all at once.

It works under the BOSS. Gaming licence and releases business owners from direct legal liabilities. This helps them to fully concentrate on casino marketing, while BOSS. Gaming studio will do the rest.

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