Coin-op / Pay-to-play Market Reports

Revamp for mall’s signage

福建体彩36选7开奖 The Abu Dhabi Marina Mall’s digital platform is to be revamped by Nearbuy Group, it has been announced.

Preparing for change

With a number of changes in the UK market in the next 18 months, InterGame assesses how it may look in the near future.

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Casino & Betting Market Reports

A ray of hope for integrated resorts?

New developments in Spain.

Ringing the change

Much is made of the fact that we are becoming an increasingly cashless society. However, when it comes to paying, what consumers want more than anything is a wide range of options, writes Steph Norbury.

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Macau’s mojo rising


Fortunes reviving for gambling giant.

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iGaming Market Reports

Rocky shores


The jurisdictions of Central America and the Caribbean are offering prosperity but also risk, says BetInvest’s Valentyn Kyrylenko.

Brazil: political upheaval stifling i-gaming beat


The political crisis in Brazil is slowing down the gaming regulation process, says Luiz Felipe Maia, a S?o Paulo-based partner of Spanish law firm Loyra.

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